Research Papers

Research Papers

Framework for evolving spectrum management regimes: Lessons from India

Researchers  :- Rekha Jain and Rishabh Dara

Affiliation of Researchers :- IIMA

Publication Details :- Journal of Telecommunications Policy, 41, 473–485

Publication Date :- April, 2017

Abstract :-   

India has seen a marked change in spectrum policy over the past decade from a legacy administrative regime to a more market oriented one wherein it has adopted auctions in the primary market, trading in the secondary market and has liberalised spectrum to make it technology and service neutral. It has faced numerous challenges, constraints, and legacy issues in its transition, thus providing a rich context for analysis. Using the case study of India, we developed a framework that highlights the various dimensions to be considered while migrating from an administrative to a market regime for spectrum management. The framework also helps to assess the current orientation of a spectrum policy regime and provides a direction for adopting a higher market orientation. We used the framework in the Indian context to show that while India had adopted market mechanisms, it had a low level of market orientation.