Invited Talks at Conferences/Workshops/Seminars

Invited Talks at Conferences/Workshops/Seminars

Framework for Identifying Appropriate Roles for the Public and Private Sector in National Broadband Deployments in Emerging Economies: The National Broadband Plan of India

Conference : TPRC 42: The 42nd Research Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy, Arlington, September 12-14, 2014

Presenter :  Prof Rekha Jain, IIMA

Abstract :-   

Emerging economies recognize the substantial economic impact of broadband and hence are increasingly focusing on national broadband plans. Past studies have identified and explored challenges in designing the institutional and market infrastructure for broadband deployment, which are accentuated in an emerging economy, due to the weak existing institutional and market environment.

Important issues in emerging economies include the relative roles for the public sector/government and private sector, the institutional mechanisms that could facilitate broadband deployment, both at the backbone, middle level and last mile. This paper examines the Indian case of broadband deployment to develop a framework for emerging economies.