Invited Talks at Conferences/Workshops/Seminars

Invited Talks at Conferences/Workshops/Seminars

Fast Broadband Deployment in India: What Role for Cable Television?

Conference : Regional International Telecommunications Society India Conference 2012, New Delhi, India, February 22-24, 2012

 Presenter : Dr J Scott Marcus, WIK and Prof Rekha Jain, IIMA

Abstract :-   

India faces numerous potential challenges in achieving ubiquitous deployment of broadband, to say nothing of ultra-fast Next Generation Access (NGA). As in many developing countries, the current deployment of the fixed network is weak, corresponding to just 3% of the population. The reach of cable networks is three to four times greater, but much of it is old analogue technology. What role could and should cable play in the ultimate build-out of conventional broadband, and of NGA? What respective roles would the fixed network, cable, and wireless in a balanced and technologically neutral deployment?


In several proceedings, the Indian telecommunications regulatory authority (the TRAI) and the Ministry of Information Broadcasting have recognised the importance of modernising the cable plant to make it both digital and addressable, and to enable cable to take its part in broadband deployment. What impediments exist? How likely are these plans to achieve their goals? What are the implications for public policy?