Structure and Organization of TCOEs

Structure and Organization of TCOEs

The TCOEs have adopted a two-tier internal organization structure consisting of a central Governing Council for strategic decision making and local Core Groups, with full autonomy, for managing TCOEs' affairs.

Governing Council

Formed under the chairmanship of Secretary, Department of Telecom it has heads of the seven principal sponsoring organizations and seven academic Institutes and senior Government officials as members. It is the apex decision making body for the TCOEs. The Coordination Centre of TCOEs functions as the Secretariat to the Governing Council.

Core Groups

Each TCOE has a local Core Group (also known as Steering Committee or Board). The Core Group, with Institute Director as Chair and Industry sponsor as Co-chair, has representatives drawn from the academia, industry and the government.

Coordination Centre

Has the responsibility of coordination of activities among all TCOEs to facilitate their working and sharing of knowledge.

Two-tier Structure of TCOEs

One of the TCOEs has been set up at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA), in collaboration with IDEA Cellular Ltd. and DoT. Its focus area is Telecom Policy, Regulation, Management and Customer Care.