Research in the broader area of (i) policies, regulation and practice related to telecom and associated sectors including ICT sectors (ii) data archival and maintenance support for activities as mentioned here including subscription to data bases and (iii) data generation including survey based studies that could interalia support or provide the basis for research and other activities.


Design, deliver and manage training programs for executives, regulators, policy makers in the telecom and related sectors. Such programmes could involve development of case material specific to the needs of the training programme. Training would include the conduct of sponsored programmes, .in-company programmes. and their promotion, but restricted to the area of the telecom and related sectors.


Teaching including the development of new courses and upgradation of existing courses, inter alia, various teaching programmes of the institute. It is expected that 50 sessions on the topic of telecom and related sectors in the various teaching programmes of the IIMA on telecom and related sectors would be offered.