• To provide platforms for think tank activities.
  • Each TCOE will focus on a niche area of activity in the telecom domain to build excellence that is world class.
  • Create an environment of Innovation in the top academic institutions of the country to enable absorption of the current technology and develop future ready indigenous capability.
  • Creation of market ready talent pool and continuous talent building endeavor through training the trainers.
  • Undertake India specific application development that matches with behavioral pattern of the masses and adds value to their day-to-day activities, both economic and social.
  • Undertake cross-pollination of best practices the world over and make it suitable in Indian context. This will help in creating optimal models that avoids duplication and wastage of resources, especially in the field of the converging Information & Communication Technology.
  • Macro Infrastructure planning that enables a systematic and sustained growth in a cost effective manner.
  • Integration and bench marking of technology that can ultimately lead to form standards for manufacturing and/or rendering services