IIMA IDEA Telecom Centre of Excellence


The objective of the IITCOE is to further research, teaching, training and advisory role in the field of telecom policy, governance, regulation and management especially marketing and customer care with a view to enable the telecom and related sectors to take up the challenges as they arise. Following from the objectives, the IITCOE shall leverage and undertake the following activities:

i. Think tank activities:

Identifying and capturing best practices across countries, knowledge creation and sharing, and addressing the needs of regulation, policy, governance and customer care.

ii. Skill building:

Enhancing human capital through training and teaching programmes for policy makers, regulators and the industry.

iii. Research and development:

with publications, working papers, monographs .

iv. Highlighting Policy and Regulatory Agenda:

Bringing fresh insights from related sectors from countries ahead of India in telecom and related sectors, and in finding solutions to India.s specific situation especially in the development of rural telecom and related activities.

Therefore, towards the achievement of the above mentioned objectives the IITCOE may undertake any or all of the activities listed below:

  • Case writing and instructional material development.
  • Research including sponsored research.
  • Consultancy including those contracted for clients in the sector and outside.
  • Publications including working papers, journal articles, books and journal publication.
  • Membership of professional bodies, policy advisory bodies, board membership of companies with a view to inform practice, policy and regulation.
  • Promotion and conduct of training proposals to improve policy making, regulation and the practice in the sector.
  • Organization of seminars, workshops and conferences at national and / or international levels with a view to disseminate and aid cross fertilization of ideas and findings for the development of the sector and the contribution to the Indian economy.
  • Raise funds and such other grants for use in activities of the IITCOE.

Our Activities

  • courses
  • research
  • conferences
  • project