Workshop on Research and Action Plan for National Broadband Initiative

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Extension of dates for consultation of NBA

Organized By : IITCOE and ICRIER

Date : 16 April, 2010

Venue : Casuarina, India Habitat Centre Delhi (Map)

Key Themes : Please Click Here

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Recognizing the positive effects of broadband on economic growth, several developed countries have not only focused on policy measures to accelerate growth and penetration of broadband, but have also included it as an area for fiscal stimulus. However, growing gap between developing and developed countries, not only in terms of mobile coverage but also in terms of broadband penetration indicates an growing gap in potential for economic growth. Further, within these countries there is a huge disparity between the metros, urban and rural areas. Increasing gaps in broadband deployment are seen as gaps in competitiveness of economies, and therefore, it is vitally important for India to develop a national agenda for broadband deployment.


IIM Ahmedabad Idea Telecom Centre of Excellence (IITCOE) and Indian Council for Research in International Economic Relations (ICRIER) are organizing a workshop on “Research and Action Agenda for a National Broadband Initiative” at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on 16th April 2010.


This initiative includes all stakeholders like DoT, TRAI, DIT, private operator, Indian Railways/RailTel/Infrastructure Providers, other government user agencies such as the Planning Commission, academic institutions, industry and others to develop a research agenda and an action plan for broadband deployment in the country. A dialogue between the policymakers and the researchers is necessary to develop the outline of a medium term action plan and a policy research agenda, covering identified current and future issues which will require further work. Attached is the proposal highlighting Key themes for the conference

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