India has achieved a commendable growth rate in telecom. The real challenge before the country now is to sustain or further accelerate the growth so that the benefits reach the masses. The explosive growth coupled with the daily innovations in Telecom is throwing not merely technical but a whole lot of management, regulatory and socio-economic challenges. The solution to these problems can only come from extensive in-house research and talent development.


Towards meeting this goal, Department of Telecom, private telecom companies and seven nationally and internationally eminent academic institutions in the country have come together to set up Telecom Centres of Excellence (TCOE). TCOEs are Public Private Partnership initiatives for capacity building to sustain the telecom growth and help build an environment of innovation by creating synergies among premier academic institutions, telecom companies and the Government of India. The TCOE India initiative is intended to harness Indian talent for the upliftment of Indian people and industry while imparting it a global stature and competitiveness.


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